Hack Bushweller Photography | About
Thank you for choosing to view my photography. I appreciate your interest.

From the time that I was a young boy sitting with my grandfather in his flower garden, I have been fascinated by the intricate beauty of flowers. As I grew up, it occurred to me that photography is an excellent way to capture that beauty. Over the years, I have evolved from film photography to digital technology. My appreciation of flowers increased exponentially the first time that I zoomed in on a high resolution digital image of a flower on my computer monitor screen. At that time, I fully appreciated the inner world of flowers that Georgia O’Keeffe captured in her paintings.

I have created three Zenfolio galleries. The original prints in these galleries were taken in Vermont, California, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, Virginia and Switzerland. In the Zenfolio gallery titled “Flowers”, there are original photos. There are other images that have been edited to enhance presentation. In the gallery “Twirls”, images of flowers have been digitally transformed using Photoshop filters. In “Scenes”, there are original nature photos and other images that could be described as digital art.

I hope you enjoy my photography.

If you choose to purchase a print, please pay attention to the cropping options in your cart. You have two choices of photo paper. One is “color” (Kodak E-Surface) and the other is Kodak “metallic”. For descriptions of the two photo papers, go to Mpix.com and click on “Color and B&W Prints”. You have the option to put a lustre coating on the E-Surface paper. You can access the lustre option in your cart by clicking the “Frame and Mount” tab where you also have the option to mount the print on single-weight backboard.

The resolution of all gallery prints is 300 ppi. Larger versions of odd-sized gallery images may not fit any of the standard print sizes listed in your cart. In those cases, select a listed print size that is large enough to encompass the size of your gallery image. Then use the cropping tool in the cart to adjust the size of the gallery print and position the gallery print to your satisfaction. You will need to do some trimming when your print arrives.